Viralytics Receives Approval To Increase CAVATAK™ Dosage Levels In Intravenous Cancer Trial

Viralytics Limited (ASX: VLA) has received ethics committee approval to increase the dosage levels of CAVATAK™ in its Phase I intravenous breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma trial.

Dosing will now commence at what was the highest dosing level of the original trial schedule and escalate to approximately 100 fold higher levels than planned for in the original design.

The intravenous trial will now comprise nine patients in total. For completion of the trial, a further six patients need to be recruited.

While Phase I studies are designed primarily to assess patient tolerance, increasing the CAVATAK™ dosing schedule may provide meaningful preliminary efficacy data in preparation for a Phase II study.

Overall, CAVATAK™ continues to be well tolerated by late stage cancer patients participating in all three Viralytics Phase I clinical trials.

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